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Welcome to Odysseon!


We are an online platform for planning, booking and sharing expeditions and trips in the UK and worldwide, and we’ve recently launched our site at


We know from experience how rewarding and worthwhile it is to get out, see the world and explore what we have around us. Adventure really can change your life, whether that’s a huge trek across several countries or just exploring more of the country you’re already in. (If you want proof, have a read of our Co-founder Charlie’s story here.)

Odysseon’s goal is to make it easier for people to see what the world has to offer and to help them to do something extraordinary.  By hunting down unique, unusual guides and trips from around the world, Odysseon have built up a network of adventures, big and small, to get more people living their lives to the full.

Check out these trips and our full site at 

Here on WordPress we’ll be keeping our blog updated with news, interviews and things we think are important.


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