We’ve Launched!

After a year of hard work and planning,  ODYSSEON  is finally live!


We created this platform to help people like YOU to go on trips and adventures that blow your mind and change your life.

We have our first set of fantastic hand picked opportunities waiting for you to book on; from canoeing and camping along the Mississippi River to trekking to the famous Everest Base Camp.

If you have been searching for a challenge and a proper travel experience, check these out : 

Our Expeditions 2016/17

Just a few of the trips we currently have available…

Everest Base Camp
Surfing in Alaska
Climbing in Ecuador
9 days of Ski Touring in Iraq

Now we need your help! 

We created Odysseon for people just like you- so we need to know where YOU would most love to go on a trip or expedition, so we can do our best to make that possible.

Whether it be that you’ve always wanted to learn to paraglide in Canada, or kayak around the Galapagos Islands, let us know what has always been on your bucket list and we’ll try to make it happen. 

The weirder the better!

Let us know via a comment, Facebook, Twitter  using the #iwantanadventure or  email info@odysseon.com.





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