About Odysseon

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At Odysseon, we believe that real adventure travel shouldn’t be hard to find or organise. So whether that’s going on a guided expedition somewhere in the world or discovering an awesome adventure near you, Odysseon is here to make adventure accessible. 

We hunted down the best guides and leaders from around the world and make it easy for you to find, book and pay for the amazing trips these people lead.  We currently have exceptional guides from all corners of the planet signed up, from leading ski touring in Tajikistan to photography expeditions in Norway.  


For those who don’t want a guided expedition, we want to make it simple for people to find what they need to go on outdoor adventure of their own, whether it’s on the weekend or a part of their travels.  Going on adventures should be simple and we aim to make it this way, by pooling all the information you need to go on adventure, like what map you need, what the route is, what equipment is recommended and loads of other stuff.  Hopefully we’ll have people help us with this, so we can build a massive network of people going on adventures and helping others do the same. 

We launched earlier this month at www.odysseon.com and we’re going to make the world a more adventure-filled place. Have a look at some of the trips and expeditions we have chosen for you at the moment:

Rock Climbing Coaching Greece
Copalita Trail Mexico
Vertical Shot Expeditions Lofoten Islands Sailing and photography
Colombia’s Cowboys and Communities